Public Storage Elliott Agreement

Public Storage Elliott Agreement: All You Need to Know

If you are considering using public storage, chances are you have heard of the Elliott Agreement. In this article, we will discuss the Elliott Agreement and what it means for you as a customer.

What is the Elliott Agreement?

The Elliott Agreement is a legal contract that sets the terms and conditions for renting storage space from Public Storage. It was named after the 2013 case Elliott v. Public Storage, where a customer sued Public Storage for breaching the agreement.

The agreement outlines the responsibilities of the customer and Public Storage, including payment, access, and insurance requirements. It also includes provisions for default and termination of the rental agreement.

What are some key provisions of the Elliott Agreement?

Payment: The customer is required to pay rent on time and keep their account current. Late fees, lien fees, and other charges may be assessed for non-payment.

Access: The customer may access their storage unit during designated hours and must follow Public Storage’s rules for accessing the facility.

Insurance: The customer is responsible for obtaining insurance to protect their stored items. Public Storage offers insurance options, but it is not required.

Default and Termination: If the customer fails to pay rent, Public Storage may take steps to sell the stored items to recoup the unpaid rent. The agreement also outlines the procedures for terminating the rental agreement.

What are some common issues with the Elliott Agreement?

One common issue with the Elliott Agreement is the requirement for insurance. Some customers may not realize that they are responsible for insuring their stored items and may assume that Public Storage’s insurance options are mandatory.

Another issue is the strict payment policies, which can result in late fees and lien fees if the customer falls behind on payments. Customers should be aware of the payment schedule and make sure to pay on time to avoid extra fees.

Finally, the procedures for default and termination can be confusing for customers who may not understand their rights and responsibilities. It is important to read the agreement carefully and ask questions if anything is unclear.

In conclusion, the Elliott Agreement is an important legal contract that sets the terms and conditions for renting storage space from Public Storage. Customers should be aware of the key provisions, including payment, access, insurance, and termination. By understanding the agreement, customers can avoid common issues and ensure a smooth rental experience.